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Miss Fashion Week Model Contest

Do you want increase your influence?

Do you want to shoot strong images?

Do you want to learn how to rock that runway?

Do you want to hang with like-minded individuals?

Are you passionate about body-positivity?

Are you passionate about self-love?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, you want to be part of Miss Fashion Week. 

Miss Fashion Week is the first organization that bridges modeling with pageant. We are also the first and only one that takes in petite, curvy, runway, junior, teen and international. We truly embraces diversity and we are also a big advocate for body-positivity and self-love. We take pride in our models, our pageant girls, our franchise partners and our mission. 

Join our 2019 finale in November 2019. 

You might think you have to pay a fortune to join us. You've probably heard that all pageants cost thousands of dollars. 

But Miss Fashion Week is unique and different. We are all about empowering women of all ages. That's why we provide really affordable pricing for our contestants at $150. and you have a chance to win an annual salary of $1,000 scholarship provided by MFW Foundation. 


Grand Finale Registration Teen

Regular price $ 2,000 now $ 250