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Miss Fashion Week Brand AmbassadorMiss Fashion Week is on a mission to empower women and redefine beauty. We need a lot of voices to get our messages out to reach enough audience to make an impact. As an ambassador, you play a critical role to spread our social messages and our mission. We can't do it without you. 

About Miss Fashion Week:

* Miss Fashion Week is the first organization that bridges modeling with pageantry. 

* We truly embrace diversity. We are the first in human history ever that take petite, curvy, runway, teen and international. 

* Our mission: Body-Positivity & Self-Love. #YouAreEnough

Statistics show that about 80% of the women are not happy with who we are. When we are not embracing ourselves for who we are, it will severely damage our self-esteem and self-confidence and add unnecessary stress to our already busy and hectic lives. 

Miss Fashion Week is dedicated to support positive self-image, self-love and self-confidence. We feel that it is essential especially as a modeling/pageantry organization.

#YouAreEnough project is initiated by Miss Fashion Week to empower women of all ages. We focus on helping girls and women to have a high esteem about themselves so they can have a positive influence in our homes and in our society.

Who can become Miss Fashion Week's Brand Ambassadors?

We are looking for leaders and influencers who are passionate about body-positivity and self-love.  Someone who wants make a difference in this world and someone who is committed to make some positive impact in some else' lives.

What do I need to do as a Brand Ambassador?

  • Advocate on Miss Fashion Week and our mission
  • Promote Miss fashion Week and our mission on social media site and other media channels.
  • Attend local events representing Miss Fashion Week. 
  • Get involved in middle schools, high schools and colleges to bring awareness about body-positivity and self-love.

Miss Fashion Week #YouAreEnough

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