Protection Status



Such term as "Applicant" used in these rules and regulations are referring to the person applying for entrance into the Miss Fashion Week contest. Such term as "Winner" used in these rules and regulations are referring to the person who has applied for entrance, paid the entry fee, was accepted as a participant, and won a city, state, or national title.

    1. Applicant must bring registration confirmation email or page with you to attend the contest. 
    2. Ages 18 - 40 can compete for Miss Fashion Week Universe and Ages 13 - 17 can compete for Miss Fashion Week Teen.
    3. Applicant must be a female in order to compete in the Miss Fashion Week contests. 
    4. If applicant is not able to attend the contest in person, and would like to still compete for the title. The applicant will be required to send additional information and be virtually interviewed online. 
    5. Applicant understands that the ENTRY FEE in the amount of $75.00 must be paid for the entrance of the Miss Fashion Week contests.   
    6. Applicant understands that the ENTRY FEE is non-refundable and non-transferable; and must be paid in full before she can compete in the Miss Fashion Week Contests. 
    7. Applicant understands that her crown and sash package will be shipped directly from the manufacturers and will take up to 4-6 weeks to be received. 
    8. Applicant understands that she must submit the required materials and information for the appropriate competitions (which includes the Interview Questions, and Photogenic head-shot photo) along with her entry application and entry fee. 
    9. Applicant understands that she must uphold a pleasant, professional, and friendly demeanor at all times while representing a Miss Fashion Week title. 
    10. Applicant understands that the judges' decisions and scoring are final and will not be changed.
    11.  If the Applicant becomes a Fashion Week title winner, she understands that she will receive the following city, state, or national prizes and awards for the title she wins for 1 year: rhinestone crown, satin embroidered sash, and official certificate from the Miss Fashion Week organization. 
    12. Winner grants permission to the Miss Fashion Week organization to use photos, and videos in Fashion Week related media for advertising and promotional purposes.
    13. Applicant understands that the Miss Fashion Week organization reserves the right to the rules and regulations of the contest. 
    14. Applicant is required to strictly adhere to the Miss Fashion Week rules and regulations; and if any of these rules are broken by the applicant, applicant understands that participation disqualification and title revocation will be the resulting resolution to the matter.
    15. Winner understands that crown and sash must be turned in at the end of their 1 year title term.
    16. Scoring is conducted on a 10-point scale:
      • 9-10 = Excellent
      • 7-8 = Very Good
      • 5-6 = Good
      • 3-4 = Average
      • 1-2 = Below Average

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