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Q&A for Franchise Partners

So good to have you on board. Congratulations. You are about start an amazing journey with a group of exceptional individuals.

Here are a few key points to help you get kickstarted:
  1. Your logo is ready and attached to the emails that we sent you.
  2. Your email account is ready.  Here is how to check your email:
    2. user name:
    3. pwd: xxx(case sensitive)
  3. we need your paypal button link or website link to add to our main website for people who register
  4. Get into our partner group on WhatsApp by clicking on the link below:
  5. Please join our private Facebook group: Miss Fashion Week Partners
  6. Please start your facebook and instagram page. Those are the main social media platforms which the headquarter uses. We use Pinterest as well. Our Facebook and Instagram handle is @missfashionweekofficial
  7. There will be a tracking sheet to share with you to keep track all the models who registered through your city and through the headquarter. 
  8. We currently have 3 rounds of voting. explained here: ... this is also where the models sign up.
  9. Audience can vote for models here:
  10. You can use headquarter's sponsorship package as reference:
  11. You can use all the media on the website and social media platforms.
  12. We are shooting the pilot for the reality TV show.  Please see the treatment to get more details on how to submit for your city:
  13. Please submit your promotional materials if you want us to promote for you on the main social media sites: Email to with subject line: social media promotion for partners x Your city. We'll promote the partners based on the orders of when we received the promotional materials.
  14. We have competition sash and also crown and sash for the runner-ups ready for order for the runner-ups. Please email if you need to order them. 
  15. We encourage our partners to cross promote each other to help each other grow. We are a very big supporting family.
  16. We want to get our models involved in the community to help advocate positive self-image, self-love and self-confidence.
  17. Here is a q&a page for the models: Please get yourself familiar with it because the models will ask them. 

You can always email if you have any questions.