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The brand Miss Fashion Week is a trademark and our headquarter is out of Texas. We’re currently offering a business opportunity to entrepreneurs who are interested in becoming our partner to organize and run Miss Fashion Week (Modeling competition x Pageant | Boby-Positivity & Self-Love) in your area.

Why Miss Fashion Week?

  1. We are the first and only organization that bridges modeling with beauty pageant.
  2. We are the only organization that truly embraces diversity. Our contestants can compete in 6 sub-categories: runway, petite, curvy, junior, teen and international. We have both Miss and Mrs. divisions. This is unprecedented in human history. The reason why we do what we do is because we are a big advocate for body positivity and self love. We are on a mission to empower women to embrace themselves for who they are and to help them build self esteem and self confidence.
  3. We do everything differently than all the franchise models out there on the market. That's why we do not call us "franchise".
    1. We are intended to build partnerships and communities.
    2. We are very easy to start with a really low investment.
    3. Our overhead and marketing cost is really low because no physical location or heavy equipment nor inventories needed to start Miss Fashion Week.
    4. You can literally run this business from home, even part time.
  4. Our Mission will help you live your life with purpose and make you feel fulfilled by the end of the day. You are making a difference in this world and leaving a legacy behind.
  5. Miss Fashion Week brand name will help boost your personal branding and bring your career up to another level. 
  6. There are multiple revenue streams by joining Miss Fashion Week including memberships, registration, merchandising sales, ticket sales, sponsorships, training classes, photoshoot, social media management and etc
  7. We do the marketing for you.
  8. Our partners work together as a family. We hold monthly meeting with all partners to learn from each other's successes and mistakes and help each other grow. We are established globally. 

Who are we looking for?

You'll be a perfect candidate if you fall into any of the following qualifications:

  1. You are driven and has strong leadership skills.
  2. You want to grow your personal branding.
  3. You are looking for business opportunities.
  4. You want extra stream of income.
  5. You are passionate about empowering women through body positivity and self love.

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