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We are expanding and looking for partners for sub-chapters.

MFW Foundation wants to provide this platform for entrepreneurs to make profit and make impact. 

We are similar to Franchise business model, but very different.
1. Low cost
2. Low overhead cost
3. You can work from home
4. You can start part time!
5. Multiple revenue streams.
6. And most of all you can make women feel empowered.

And for the first time ever, we are offering a one time cost of $1000 for you to be our partner.
This offer is exclusive and will close out soon. We have only 100 openings right now. Money back guarantee.

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Hello there! How are you?

I'm the Founder of MFW Foundation. I personally suffered from negative body image for years which severely damaged my self esteem and self confidence. My transformation of my body image transformed my world and turned my life upside down. That's why i'm really passionate about what we do. We want to build solid foundations for the younger generations. What is beautiful? Beautiful is to have the courage to go pursue whatever dream you have. Every BODY is different. No two minds are the same. Within that difference lies our strength. I'm looking forward to having you join our big MFW Foundation family because we need you to be the voice in your community. - Vera Wang Cassara
We've grown tremendously over the last 4 years with global partners in Africa, Australia and UK. Listen to what our Australian partner is saying,'I purchased a Miss FW franchise for Australia in 2016 and commenced Jan 2017. It has been a very successful venue for myself. The name sells itself and all young girls, teens and women want to be part of it. It's such a great concept mixing pageantry with runway. 
Outlay is so reasonable and there are many ways to make additional income during the season. Our city final in Australia has over 100 contestants buying entry fee, photo and video packages, t-shirts, tickets to watch, programs and additional coaching. 
I love MFW Foundation so much i also brought the UK franchise and our first winners will be headed to the international finale this year. 
I love working with women and making a difference in their lives.'  - Kylie Drew
There is nothing more worthy than seeing our young generations soar! #YouAreEnough
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YES! I want to become a partner!

About MFW Foundation:

* You are a FIGHTER

* You are a WARRIOR

* We are on a mission to build generations of strong daughters.

p.s.: You are enough. You are perfectly and wonderfully made. Let's get that message out to generations to come.

p.p.s: This is for someone who is passionate about fashion, events, and women empowerment

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