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Miss Fashion Week 2019 Winners

On December 1, 2018 the third annual grand finale was held at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas Texas, U.S.A. Models from all across the globe came to participate. The competition was extremely tough as only the Top 5 from each nation was availed the once-in-a-lifetime platinum opportunity to compete at the Miss Fashion Week Universe platform. 

Pioneered by the visionary Vera Wang - Miss Fashion Week has established an unmatched modeling & pageant platform with one resounding message for women - YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

The preliminary competition kicked off with an editorial photo-shoot where each model had 60 seconds in front of the camera to demonstrate their posing prowess. A high-profile professional photographer - Luis Gomez from Universe 137 Studios - judged this round while the models performed autonomously with no direction provided to them- a test of pure talent. 

The grand finale stage was an opulent spectacle, blazing with intricate lights, special effects and tasteful music while the spectators poured in large numbers. Thanks to the Moderne Events led by Rene Rodriguez. A panel of 7 judges from diverse backgrounds, each polished and at the top of their individual professions were set to crown 6 categories: junior, teen, petite, runway, plus, international and the ultimate titleholder Miss Fashion Week Universe 2019. 

Ella Jayde - a joyful 11-year-old from Sydney, Australia won Miss Junior Fashion Week 2019. Dressed in a gorgeous red high-low gown and supported by her devoted mother.

Jacquelyn Watts from Whitsunday Islands is a professional dancer who went above and beyond to win a perfect score in editorial photo-shoot and outperformed other contestants in every round. Jacquelyn walked away with proud parents and the title of Miss Teen Fashion Week 2019. 

The adult category competed in 3 sections: model black wear, swimsuit or activewear (runway walk) and evening wear (pageant walk). The Category winners qualified for the final round of competition-an unseen question asked on-stage; A challenge that requires confidence, public speaking skills, the ability to think on your feet and articulate your thoughts within a time constraint. 
1. Adult Runway Winner: Saloni Kalra from Melbourne, Australia 
2. Adult Petite Winner: Ashlee Joliffe from NSW Australia
3. Adult Plus Winner: Kate Melnik from California
4. Adult International Winner: Heloine Moreno from Brazil

The final round ended, judges’ scorecards equated and the moment arrived to crown a new queen. 

We are thrilled to announce that Saloni Kalra has been crowned Miss Fashion Week Universe 2019. Saloni is a charming brown eyed writer and professional model who flew 14,475 kms from Melbourne Australia to Dallas Texas for her dream which has now come true! 
As the reigning Miss Fashion Week Universe 2019, Saloni’s goal for 2019 is to holistically support Miss Fashion Week in promoting its message of self-love and body-positivity. Saloni intends that the MFW organization attain new-fangled heights and spreads the message to every woman who feels the pressure to be perfect from society; that you are enough; smart enough, brave enough, young enough, alive enough to go after your dreams and turn them into reality. 

Vera’s vision for Miss Fashion Week has inspired hundreds of young girls and women to embrace their unique beauty and develop the confidence to present their best self on the national and global stage. As Victoria Bugwa a 10 year old in junior category put it, ‘I loved every minute of it’.

writer credit: Saloni Kalra

What people are saying about Miss Fashion Week?

Thank you so much for allowing Madi to compete in your event this weekend. We walked into the event with little to none experience, but walked away with a memory for forever. Madi had a blast, and can't wait to do more. Let us know if you hear of any events locally. Thanks, Brooke.

(Madisen is 13 years old and she was in Miss Fashion Week 2018 Junior Division)

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Miss Fashion Week Grand Finale


Justing Chavez Part Time Justin Miss Fashion Week Grand Finale Host Justin Chavez - Also known as Part Time Justin from KissFM - Influencer - Double tap material
Kassidy Young Miss Fashion Week International 2018 Kassidy Young - Miss Fashion Week International 2018 - Australia
Priscilla Disla - Miss Fashion Week Petite 2018
Priscilla Disla - Miss Fashion Week Petite 2018
Shirley Escalada - Miss Fashion Week Jersey city
Shirley Escalada - Miss Fashion Week Jersey City 2018


Press - Luis Gomez - Universe 137 Studios

LifeStyle Plus Magazine
Miss Fashion Week Universe is going to be sponsored by Luis Gomez - Universe 137 Studios a LifeStyle Plus Magazine Cover and 6-page editorial spread in the magazine. This is on top of the $5,000.00 scholarship and other sponsored items.
Luis Gomez Universe 137 Studios Sponsors Miss Fashion Week Luis Gomez, the CEO of Universe 137 Studios, is an internationally renamed photographer, producer, editor, videographer and musician, whose work is published worldwide with more than 40 magazines.


November 30th, 2018 2:00pm to 5:00pm Workshops 

Vera Viviona Wang

Session 1 2:00pm to 2:30pm: Founder of Miss Fashion Week / Self Love Advocate / Introduction of Miss Fashion Week and Our Mission

Kassidy Young Miss Fashion Week International 2018 Session 2 2:30pm to 3:00pm: Meet & Greet with 2018 title holders - Kassidy Young - Miss Fashion Week International 2018
Priscilla Disla - Miss Fashion Week Petite 2018
Session 2 2:30pm to 3:00pm: Meet & Greet with 2018 title holders - Priscilla Disla - Miss Fashion Week Petite 2018
Shirley Escalada - Miss Fashion Week Jersey city
Session 2 2:30pm to 3:00pm: Meet & Greet with 2018 title holders - Shirley Escalada - Miss Fashion Week Jersey City 2018
Carlotta Lennox - Modeling and Pageant Experience

Session 3 3:00pm to 3:30pm: Modeling & Pageant Training - Carlotta Lennox - Modeling and Pageant Experience


Keith Knox
Session 4 3:30pm to 4:00pm: Social Media Workshop with Keith Knox - VP of Merge Forward
Danielle Natoni
Session 5 4:00pm to 4:30pm: Live a Guilty Free Life with Danielle Natoni - Influencer
Holly Signorelli - The Secret to Wealth
Session 6 4:30pm to 5:00pm: The Secret to Wealth with Holly Signorelli - Author & CPA


December 1st, 2018 6:00pm to 10:00pm Judging Panel (ordered by last name)

Greg Finenco - John Casabancas

Greg Finenco has been discovering and developing talent for over 15years. He got his start in the modeling business at John Casablancas Orlando FL. 

He has placed talent in all areas of modeling, film, and commercials. His discoveries have been placed in NY fashion week, box office movies like Transformers, to regional Sam's Club commercials.

Greg has discovered talent from Orlando, Atlanta,  Milwaukee and now here in Texas. 

He is a Christian with a passion for fashion!

Luis Gomez - Universe 137 Studios

Luis Gomez, the CEO of Universe 137 Studios, is an internationally renamed photographer, producer, editor, videographer and musician, whose work is published worldwide with more than 40 magazines including LifeStyle Plus, Maxim, Playboy, FHM, etc. 

Luis Gomez is known as a guitar player and Exclusive artist signed by Gibson guitars.

Luis Gomez is also a producer and film maker.

Amber Griffin - Model Prep

Amber Griffin has over 10 years of professional modeling experience and currently signed on as a model with The Campbell Agency. 

Her journey includes 3 years of residency in Los Angeles where she was given the audition process experience for the “America’s Next Top Model” television show.

Her dream now is to mentor young ladies to become even more beautiful, both inside and out. As a creative visionary, it is exciting for me to help these young ladies discover new ways to stand out above the crowd though the Model Prep program. 

Tiffany Hendra

From the trailer park to Beverly Hills and now back to Texas, Tiffany Hendra inspires women from all walks of life to live their most authentic, confident and purpose-filled lives.  

She is a wife, TV host, motivational speaker, empowerment & media coach, creator of the web-series Sanctuary Of Style and former cast member of Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Dallas. 

Through her company, The Coaching Sanctuary™, Tiffany offers group workshops, online digital courses and 1:1 private coaching. Her mission is to help women exit their comfort zone and enter their courage zone to live the life they were destined to live. 

Kevin Howard

Kevin Howard is recognized as the foremost authority of television and film talent in the Southwest. As a casting director of commercials and films, his career started in Dallas, veered off in New York, back to Dallas, west to Los Angeles and back again to Dallas.   He has traveled the world searching for talent for major world-wide advertisers.

No stranger to pageantry, Kevin produced and directed the Miss Texas Scholarship Pageant for live audience and television for many years.  He also prepared Miss Texas for the Miss America Pageant.

As the leading casting director of commercials in Dallas, Texas, Kevin also teaches much requested Commercial Acting classes with the Dallas Actors Group.

Jim Keyes James Keyes 7-11

James Keyes is currently the Chairman of Wild Oats Marketing LLC., a consumer product company selling natural and organic foods.  

Previously, he served as chief executive to two Fortune 500 companies, Blockbuster Inc. and 7-Eleven, inc.

Keyes serves on numerous boards including Murphy, Dallas, The Dallas Symphony Association, the Cooper Institute, Columbia School of Business and the Dallas Education Foundation.

He formerly served on the national board of governors of the American Red Cross. 

Keyes was also the founder of the Education is Freedom foundation, which provides college scholarships for hard-working young students.

Laganza - VSD Couture

LAGANZA is the designer of VSD Couture brand. VSD COUTURE is a brand of an exclusive stage clothes and accessories without any equivalents in the world.

LAGANZA is a designer, musician, singer. She has combined her love for the design and the scene in that brand. She has 3 higher degrees and one of them is Master of Fine Art Degree. She is a History of art specialist.

The designer, LAGANZA was born in Ukraine. The company is headquartered in London, UK. 

Marilyn Lanham: Director at Glitz Pageant
Carlotta Lennox - Modeling and Pageant Experience
Carlotta Lennox has always believed in following your dreams, because you never know where they will take you.
Carlotta is a well renowned International Fashion Model. After traveling Europe and modeling for top designers in Paris, Milan, Belgium, New York and Miami. Carlotta landed in Dallas, Texas where she signed on with the Prestigious Kim Dawson Modeling Agency.
Carlotta founded the Modeling and Pageant Experience in 2015. She coaches girls who are entering the Pageant world or the Modeling world on how to walk down a runway or across a stage with Poise, Grace Confidence and Stage Presence.


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